Issues getting mimoCall to work on windows and an android phone

I was testing mimoCall with colleagues in preparation for a livestream event. mimoCall worked beautifully on a recent model iPhone 12, but user could get it working on Android or her work or personal (older) windows laptop

Phone is a Samsung a52 running Android 12. mimoCall should work in Chrome for this model I believe.

Any ideas?

Work laptop might have firewall issues, even used at home. Personal laptop shouldn’t have such issues. Could it be her home router blocking it? I’ll ask her to try from another (non-work) location but there out of three fails was unexciting for her… doesn’t want us to use mimoLive so I need to convince.

Hi @Alastair1 Thanks for reaching out. mimoCall should indeed work on the Android phone, but those phones can be a challenge because of all the tweaking the phone companies do to them. For example, they might have installed a proxy server for loading websites that is replacing or blocking some resources.

Of course, we will also double check with an Android 12 device to see if something is broken on our end.

If you or your client prefers an alternative solution, you can always use Skype or FaceTime with screen grabbing for video and Loopback or Black Hole for Audio routing or ZoomISO with NDI for Zoom Calls.

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is ZoomIso over NDI in the pro Zoom package?

HI @Alastair1 ZoomISO is a separate product. The company that makes it is owned by Zoom but seems to still operate somewhat independently:

oh i see, thanks for the tips, Oliver! will definitely check it out. i guess good old screen capture with mimoLive is another crude way to pipe the vision to mimiLive from any given video conferencing plagtform. .