Is your Fotomagico Support page on your website broken?

I was hoping to download the sample animation file you mentioned in your Fotomagico 4.2 webinar but the support page for Fotomagico has been coming up as blank for the past three days. Do you know what is happening?

If you mean the FotoMagico Demo slideshow, it is build into the App. Please select the “File > Open Demo Slideshow” menu item in FotoMagico to load it.

Support-page: does work for me. Which browser you are using? Which OS?

Hi, i can get to the page using Safari from my Macbook at home. But i was looking at your page from my office (IE version 9.0.8112.16421) on my Windows 7 machine and it does not work - still.

You are right, I just ran it though, it doesn’t work in IE 9. It works in IE 11 and every other browser. Please understand since we are a Mac only company we can’t troubleshoot the site on Windows. Since it works on the most recent version of IE and pretty much any other browser, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense devoting a lot of work repairing the connect module for IE 9.
Do you have any chance of using another Browser?