Is there anyway to make a 'fade through white' transition effect?

Was trying to create a photo montage and saw a nice transition effect in Wedding montage by Alex Tan at time 0:39 - 0:40

I believe this effect is call ‘fade through white’

  1. a sudden exposure increase
  2. transition to next image
  3. sudden exposure reduce back to normal level

Is it possible to create this effect in Fotomagico?

Try adding a transition between the two slides in question.

In the Storyboard (or Timeline) click on the little “transition” square between the two slides. Then click on the Options menu (either Command-4 or the Options button on the right side of the screen). In the Transitions section, choose Fade, then set the length of the duration (try 0.5 seconds), and set the color to White.

You can adjust the duration to your liking, but that should do what you want.

what @stantastic describes is 100% what is the “fade through white” is. What the video uses is what is called “Flash” in FotoMagico. Setting it to something longer like 2-3 seconds will result in the same as the video.