Is there a way to create a menu page/system in Fotomagico?

I present my AVs in various places and simply run each by clicking an icon on my desktop. It would be nicer if I could run them all simply by clicking a button on a menu screen for each one.
Many thanks in advance for any advice/help you can give.

Hi Ray,

currently there is no way yet. I can’t tell you more right now, but surely you noticed the “yet” word in the first sentence :wink:

Thanks very much. I will wait for the ‘yet’ to hopefully disappear some time.

Has there been any movement as regards creating a menu sheet within Fotomagico to run presentations as detailed in my query of Feb 2014? Thank you

In other words, you’re talking about “clickable links” from within a presentation, correct. You’d see a “menu” on a static page, click on one of the items, and the presentation would “jump” to that presentation? Then, of course, you’d have to be sent BACK to the menu page once it’s finished to start over.

It would entail a bit of IF-THEN and programming flow logic, subroutine-like processes itself. I would LOVE to see that!! In fact, that has been suggested a number of times.