Is there a view that lets me sort photos as multiple rows of thumbnails, not just one long row?

I have about 200 photos in a slideshow that I need to sort chronologically and I’m hoping there’s a view that will display them as stacked tiles that I can sort vertically as well as horizontally. Anyone know if this exists, and, if yes, how do I access that view?


If you’re talking about trying to do that from within FotoMagico, then the answer is no. If you’re talking about doing that from within the Mac OS, then the obvious sort technique would be to put them in a folder, do a list view, and then sort on their creation date. I guess that could be considered a vertical sort. I’m not sure what you mean by sorting them “horizontally” (unless you mean ONCE you place them into the Timeline in Fotomagico that they appear chronologically). The problem is, if you have a folder full of images and you drag them ALL into the Timeline at once, they go in by file name order, NOT chronological order. So no matter how you sort them from within the Finder, they will still go in by name. Of course, you can MANUALLY move them around in the Timeline if you want to (one at a time).

My suggestion, and this is what I do if I MUST have (a lot of) images placed in a different order than their file names, is to use a 3rd party application that actually renames the files. I’m not pushing one app over the other, but I have been using A Better File Renamer for years (it is NOT free), so that’s the one I like. It is extremely powerful in what it allows you to do regarding the renaming of files. And in your case, it would solve your problem. Assume you have photos with whatever name they already have, but CHRONOLOGICALLY they exist in a particular order that you use to sort on. You can easily append to the beginning of every file name the creation (or even modification date) – something like 20170417052615, which translates to YYYYMMDDHHMMSS. NOW all of your images will be in a folder in chronological order, and you can just drag them into the Timeline and they will appear in that order.