Is QC the Only Way To Build Layers?


As far as I can tell, QC is the only way to build custom layers. I have many years experience with PHP, XML, PLists, javascript (basically web languages) but I am a noob with QC.

I want to know if it is possible to build a layer without touching QC … purely script or xml etc …?

@bbyrdhouse You could use JavaScript and HTML and use the Web browser source to do a layer. However, this will have performance limits. Do you want to share your ideas for the layers? Maybe there is another way to do it.

Let’ s get this group focused on Quartz Composer and building some cool layers.


I’m pretty sure the patch and noodle language is it. Looking to put together a group to find a mentor. I know programming but am totally flustered even after deconstructing an existing layer.

Hey @everyone We’re going to host a “Create Your Own mimoLive Layer MasterClass” on Friday, May 15th at 9am Pacific.

Achim will walk you through creating your own mimoLive Layer in Quartz Composer. If you want to play along, please install Xcode, Quartz Composer and the Lua Patch ( in preparation for this class.

Will it be recorded for those unable to attend?

Oliver…looking for a recording of your ZOOM seminar when available.


Recording of the Masterclass is now available:


I would like to suggest a layer that will be used for programs that follow a format of:
content then commercial then content

A placer that would allow:
the first x amount of minutes to use the main camera and then at the close of those minutes it automatically transitions into commercial break for x amount of minutes and then comes back to the main camera.

If you are a “1 man band” then keeping an eye on the clock, the buttons, and the camera becomes very daunting. I’d love to see some of this process automated with a placer that times out and seamlessly flows into a commercial break and back to the show.

Such a layer should accommodate numerous commercial breaks throughout an hour or two hour program or podcast.