Is it possible to loop the last file of a playlist?

Hello, I am currently testing the trial version of mimolive.
I try to achieve the following scenario:

I want to show my viewers a series of “animations” (each consisting of a series of “clips”, created with apple’s motion).
I’d like to launch each animation (series of clips) manually, while the clips for this animation should fire automatically after each other, with the last one looping.

The goal is an animated graphic, designed within Motion, which changes upon my trigger with an animation, but remains static afterwards until I trigger the next change to the graphic.

I previously achieved this with “wirecast play” by launching playlist after playlist, with the last clip looping.

However, I consider switching to mimolive, so I wonder whether I can achieve the same with it.

I assumed I’d do that with playlists, but there seems to be no option to have the last clip on loop. Is there any workaround or other solution for my needs?

@FelixK Thanks for giving mimoLive a chance!

The Media Playlist can only be looped as a whole.

A way to achieve what you want could be to put a Placer layer with looping video in the layer stack below the Placer layer for the playlist. This way, when the playlist stops, the looping video background becomes visible. But this only works if it doesn’t matter that the background video is probably not at the start when the playlist ends.

We do have plans to enable a “when this layer stops, start this layer” type of scenario, but I can’t tell you when this will be available.