Is it possible to export my Standalone Player slide show back to Fotomagico for editing?

Lost my shows in Fotomagico when transferring to a new hard drive…

Probably best to let the guys at Boinx answer this, but I would say this is either NOT POSSIBLE, or, it would necessitate going into the standalone player file with some 3rd party software (e.g. Pacifist) and somehow “extracting” the slideshow.

Once the slideshow is saved as a standalone player, it’s now a self-contained “app” that just runs on your computer like any other application. It can’t be opened using FotoMagico to go back in and make edits. You need to have saved the original slideshow as a FotoMagico document. If you “lost” the original shows during transfer to a new drive, you might have to reconstruct them :frowning:

Thanks…not good news about appreciate the response!

That is totally possible. Simply rename the .app file back to .fms in the Finder. This will open the slideshow in FotoMagico and you can edit it as it was before.

Not sure how to do that. I have my standalone shows in a separate file and when I open the file I don’t see a suffix that indicates .app. They just show the player logo…

Okay, since I screwed up my last answer – and discovered something from Bastian at Boinx – maybe now I can redeem myself?

From the Finder, go to Finder > Preferences > Advanced (tab), then click on the first checkbox – “Show all filename extensions”

You should now be able to see the .app extension, and should be able to edit it to .fms as Bastian suggested.