Is FM 5.6.14 compatible with MacOS Sonoma

Is FM 5.6.14 compatible with MacOS Sonoma. I have been an infrequent but avid user of Fotomagico for many years. I always purchased upgrades until that was no longer an option. I am reluctant to buy a subscription because of my infrequent use, so I continue to use the 5.6.14 version. I am running FM at present on Mac OS Ventura 13.5.2

I’ll say this after trying it – it’s a bit sketchy and I WOULD NOT DEPEND ON IT WORKING to your full satisfaction :frowning:

Without spending hours trying all the features, I created a simple 5-slide presentation, including an .mp4 video file. It did tend to choke up a couple of times during playback, leaving me with the following message:

FotoMagico has hit a bump in the road

An exception may have caused FotoMagico to be in an inconsistent state. Click on “Quit” to quit the app and report the exception the next time you launch FotoMagico.

Click on “Continue” if you want to continue using FotoMagico at your own risk, e.g. for saving recent changes.

And I wasn’t going to spend time trying to research ways around the message. So, as stated in the warning, you use it at your own risk.

I still have FM 5.6.14 loaded on my system so I can help out occasionally when people ask questions, but I’m running Sonoma 14.0 on an Intel MBP and FM 6.5.2 and it works.

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Regarding the subscription model: You have the option to subscribe to FotoMagico when you need it, and you can cancel the subscription at any time. This way, you can use FotoMagico as a player app for free whenever you’re not actively working on slideshows. Once you want to start creating or editing slideshows again, you can simply re-subscribe. This flexibility allows you to tailor your usage and expenses according to your needs, making it a convenient choice for infrequent users like yourself.

I can see the logic of taking a short subscription when needed and working with a new document may only take a month to professionally produce. But, in reality going back to FM files to make minor edits over a length of say 6 months is still unrealistic pricing for my usage. I will continue with FM using Mac OS Ventura and will reluctantly hope for a good alternative (have not found one yet) when I have to upgrade my OS.