Iphone as a source

What is the best case of using iphone as a camera source with out delays?

  1. Iphone/Ipad mimo’s source via cable - has lag ~1-2 sec
  2. Mimocall via (same wifi network) = has lag ~1 sec
  3. NDI app = have lag?

What do you recommend to use iphone 6/6s/7/7+/x as a camera with out delays?

Typicall case:

  • i have skype call with correspondents. Use multicam layers. Use program live’s virtual source as input source for skype settings (correspondents see program stream and hear each other via skype)
  • i tried use iphone as my main camera in studio, and it show iphone stream (program live output) to correspondents with delay in skype (and unsyncronized my voice).

Result: me + correspondents communicate via skype call, but correspondents hear my voice earlier (voice from my mic) than my video (video stream from program output)

i dont want get delay +1 sec for my mic in mimo audio source settings , because it is bring delays in real dialogs and i cant realize same delay for skype mic input settings

What are you recomend?

@did Using an iPhone as a wireless camera source will always have a slight delay. In our tests, NDI (with the NewTek NDI camera app) has the least delay. You may be able to minimise the problems by also routing the audio through the iPhone, which will at least make sure that the audio and video are in sync.

The better option would probably be to use a wired camera such as a USB webcam.

Using Skype adds additional problems as sometimes Skype itself is not in sync. That is why Skype offers expensive hardware based solutions for the professionals.

This is also why we have developed mimoCall to offer a more reasonable alternative with excellent integration into mimoLive in order to bring in guests into your show. I know there are reasons why people still want to use Skype in which case the best way is probably to use a separate computer to handle the Skype call.

I’ll try NDI app thanks

  1. i use expansive webcam logitech 920 (but quality is least than iphone), Also we’ll try Proffessional PhotoCam like Canon/Sony with blackmagic mini recorder (HDMI in - thunderbolt out), but i’m afraid of delays due to conversion of h.264

  2. Skype is the most common and installed by all correspondents

  3. Routing audio via iphone is not possible (i’m not sure), because i dont know how choose iphone audio source from iphone for skype audio input settings

  4. Mimocall hasnt fullscreen of program stream window, but has only small pip program stream window for correspondents (also we have troubles with audio, when correspondents dont hear program audio in the lastest mimocall app)