iPad to MAC with Fotomagico 6

I was trying to start a slideshow on my iPad with the iPad version of Fotomagico and then save it and transfer it to my Mac to finish the job. However, I couldn’t save the file on my iPad as a .fms so I could work on it on my MAC.

What do I need to do to make this work so I can start on my iPad and finish adding music and transitions on my MAC.

I am using the subscription model.

Hi @MEV1 I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties.

Is there an error message when you try to save the slideshow on the iPad?

Can you please let me know the steps you performed to try to save the file on the iPad?

Just to outline how it’s supposed to work: You start a new slideshow on your iPad. If you did not create it in an iCloud location, you move the file to the iCloud location on the iPad. Then it will be synched automatically to your Mac via iCloud where you can open the file. Please note that on the iPad there is no command to “Save” the file. Any change is automatically saved.