iOS Source recorded output colors are washed out


I am currently test driving mimoLive and am testing them against other apps such as Wirecast, OBS and ScreenFlow. My only issues with mimoLive is on how the color looks in my recorded output. They seem to be very washed out. Who compared to the other apps as I mentioned, they are capturing colors as expected. More contrast and colourful. Is there as specific settings that needs to be enabled? I am aware of the collar filter but that would just consume more GPU or CPU power, I believe? I am planning to do game recording and eventually live streaming, and this seems to be a big issue as all looks very washed out.

I have tried all the different output formats available, nothing helps.

Thanks for anyone feedback.

@petehumpfie Thank you for giving mimoLive a try. I’m sorry to hear that the video quality isn’t up to your expectations. Can you please share videos or screenshots comparing both so that I can have engineering have a look?

How are you connecting the iOS Source?

I have experienced this as well. I use MimoLive as a backup to either a BlackMagic Hyperdeck or Atomos Samurai. The color on the latter two match, but the MimoLive recording is desaturated a bit. I don’t have recordings currently since I delete them once my primary is backed up.

You can also see the color difference of input vs output when you open the multiview and put a saturated source next to the program output. You can see that the program output desaturates. I would love a fix for this.