iOS Screen Mirroring for multiple iOS devices

We produce a virtual demo from a retail store setting for our four retail commerce products through MSFT Teams with 4 camera inputs, one audio input and screen mirroring from an iPad Mini and an iPhone 12. We currently use Reflektor for simultaneous screen mirroring of these two iOS devices directly into the Teams meeting running on a MacBook Pro. I can record the Teams meeting and capture the screen mirroring, however, I would prefer to add each screen mirror as an element within mimoLive, so that I may record these virtual demonstrations for our products within mimoLive and also create additional video assets within the system. Does mimoLive support Reflector as an input, or does mimoLive have a similar screen mirroring capability native in the system and can it accomodate simultaneous screen mirrorings from multiple iOS devices? Thanks, Troy

Hi @troy.stelzer Thank you for using mimoLive!

There are a couple of ways to get the screen of an iOS device as a source in mimoLive:

  • You should be able to use a Screen Capture source to capture the Reflector windows. This is proably the best choice with multiple devices into Teams and mimoLive at the same time.
  • You can use the iOS source in mimoLive and connect the devices via a Lightning cable. However, I think there are problems with multiple devices this way, you need to test it.
  • You can use the NDI HX Capture app on iOS to stream the iOS device screen via NDI.
  • You can use HDMI from the iOS devices into a Blackmagic UltraStudio Recorder 3G or similar.