Introducing Music Super Pack

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           <p><p>A lot of people told us that the FotoMagico music snippet packs are so useful that they had to get all of them. </p>  <p>To make that easy for you, we're introducing the <a href="">Music Super Pack</a> which includes Music Pack 1-7. </p>  <p>You'll get 149 great, ready-to-use music tracks by Kevin McLeod and Josh Woodward (under a Creative Commons license), outfitted with FotoMagico audio markers for perfectly synchronized slides shows for just US$ 14.99*, saving 30% over the separate purchases.</p>  <p><a href="" class="button">Get Music Super Pack...</a></p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Fotomagico has some good slide transitions but the one that was my favorite in iPhoto was “page flip”. Since iPhoto is no longer available, I’m wondering if FotoMagico could craft a similar transition.

Yes, I agree with Donjay - a Page-Flip transition (left-right - up-down) would be great. Also an ‘Explosion’ (dark & light theme versions) would be good where a transition to a ‘violent’ event in a story-line is required.

I have always felt that FotoMagico is more than a super-slide-show viewer - It is also a versatile story-telling tool… a vehicle for ‘comics in movies’.
I would much welcome a FotoMagico suite of add-on filters that could quickly turn photos into “comics” in various styles… (without time-consuming PhotoShop tweaking).

It would give FotoMagico a whole new dimensions & set of users.

Great product guys - thanks!