Interview Dual Screen Question

I have a really great Dual Screen background for interviews. The problem I have is that the background has boxes below the windows for names. However, MIMO puts the names ON the videos. Is there a way to move the names down below the actual videos?

If not… Feature Request!

Ray, can you please post a screenshot so we can try to replicate what you’re trying to do? (You can also send it to if you prefer to keep it private.)

No, I don’t need to keep it private :slight_smile:
Image of the names and the background

@“Ray Lane” Nice background image! :slight_smile:

A workaround may be to cut the background of your text fields into a smaller image that can be used as the “Custom Image” for the background of the text boxes in the Interview layer. Unfortunately the text couldn’t be left aligned so this may not work out with exactly this background you have.

• put in the full background into the “Image” input in the “Background” section (you already did this)
• resize the video boxes of the Interview layer that way that the text actually gets placed at the right spot.
• Set the “Text BG Type” option in the “Appearance” section to “Constant Color” (default setting)
• for the “Text GB Color” choose an ugly green 100% opaque color
• record a short video sequence with this setting
• use QuickTimePlayer to copy a single frame from this recording
• open the original background image in a image editing app like PhotoShop
• place the video frame with the ugly greenish boxes on top of it with a transparent of 30%. (I assume the background image has the same image dimensions as your video production)
• now use the greenish boxes to crop the background image to this size and save it as “textboxbackground.png”
• head back to mimoLive and switch the “Text BG Type” option in the “Appearance” section to “Custom Image”, a new Image input will appear
• drag&drop the newly created “textboxbackground.png” file to that Image input.

Now this new image should perfectly fit into the original background.

I see that this won’t work for all backgrounds, so I take your comment as a feature request :slight_smile:

Yes, feature request, please :slight_smile: