Interrupt a song with narration

I am doing a slideshow with narration and a few songs. I want to interrupt a song, give a narration and then continue with the song at the point I started the narration. Unsure how to do this?

One of the unique features of FotoMagico is actually that the music is still playing while you are pausing the slideshow.

I guess you know when you want to stop the music in advanced, right?

  • You could add the same image two times in a row to the timeline.
  • To the fist slide you add the song and reduce the slide span of the song only to cover the first slide by dragging the right end of the audio item to the end of the first slide.
  • Then set the “Slide Option” of the first slide to “Continue At Mouse Click”.
  • Select the audio item in the timeline and find the “Range” selector in the “Audio options” in the right column. Set the ending point of the range to were the music should stop. You can get a fine tuning tool in the action popup on the right of the range selector. (memorise the time stamp!)
  • Add the song again to the second slide.
  • Again find the Range setting for that audio and set the starting point to the time stamp you set for the ending of the first slide.

Does this work for you?