Interactivity - what's your favorite Mimo feature?

I’ve got a medical education client that wants something “interactive.” What is your favorite feature(s) of Mimo that could be used for interactivity with the audience?

This is amazing: Twitter PTZ Controller - mimoLive - 5 :smiley: :smiley: Hashtags (Twitter) do controll where the camera will have a look.

  • But with HTML + Browser-Source + Automation you’re 99.9% free to do whatever you want.
  • Live Comments. :slight_smile:

We don’t have a PTZ camera (yet). Is there any video that shows what this Twitter-PTZ combo would look like? I looked on a Boinx link here Redirecting...
(bitly one) and it is giving a 404 error.

Here is a demonstrating video by PTZOptics: PTZOptics Live Video Blog –Remotely control PTZ Cameras with YouTube, Facebook or Twitter Integration - PTZOptics Live Video Blog -

Thanks, Johannes. Just watched the video. Trying to think what application this could have for our clients…For another project, we may be getting a PTZ camera later this year, but not yet. If that project comes through. Are you using this function in the video in your shows? If so, for what purpose?

A pity, no. I’d like to use it, but I’m full with other options. (4k cam + virtual perspectives).

I’m keen on HTML/PHP + Web Source + Automation. With this, I’m able to do custom things, like polls, quizes and more. Since httpRequest() I’m able to send custom urls to my webserver, which is interpreting the next steps. Very handy. On the other hand, the webserver returns a graphical customized overlay, which I can bring into the show.

I wish I could use a layer, which would be able to translate hashtags of IRC/Facebook Comments/YT Comments/Twitter Comments into Layer Set recalls. Then it could be used for more than “just” switching IP cams. :hugs: