Integration with Skaarhoj controllers and/or Elgato Stream Deck

To further enhance our setup, we like to do more integration with other equipment. We are looking forward to buy a Skaarhoj controller which can control Blackmagic Equipment, cameras and more. It would be very helpful if we can integrate mimoLive too, so that with one remote panel it’s possible to control all the setup in the room.

Are there any plans from the mimoLive team to put work in any integration with 3rd party vendors and solutions, We see competitors of mimoLive to work together with Skaarhoj (vMix, Livestream) and Elgato, but mimoLive looks more like a standalone solution at this moment.

I know there is a TCP interface to do own integrations, but it’s not the same as an integration which is done by the developers behind the product itself. This would be a very important feature set and would give mimoLive more publicity too.