Integrating a Livestream with Drone and Mimolive

Does anyone have any experience setting up a Drone as a live-streaming source in Mimolive? Looking for a good workflow.

Very interesting use case. We’ve tried with various drones and found that each drone has a different problem. The best setup really depends on the drone. Do you already have a drone or can you still decide what drone you will be using?

I have a Mavic Mini but I am taking my Part 107 licensing test and plan on getting a DJI model which has built-in RTMP forwarding capability, which DJI offers. I can then promote my photograph and video projects “Live”. I would love to be able to use Mimolive to enhance the broadcast but from what I have read you would need a capture card. I’m just not sure if that is the set up. Has anyone else used Mimolive for this type of steaming. Please advise or recommend a possible set up. Thank you for responding.

Here is the set up from the drone (see pic attached)

this isnt exactly what you want to do… but could work…
If you streamed to a 2nd youtube channel… maybe no one is watching that.
and you have someone else screen capturing with memo live your other live stream. Its one work around.

Try to use the RTMP to NDI app from Garanin

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Thank you! I will give it a go. Appreciate the information.

Thank you for the advice.