Installationsprobleme wieder bei 6.6.b2

Ich werde gefragt, ob ich das Beta 6.6b2 installieren möchte. Wenn ich das bestätige erhalte ich dann einen Fehler

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-15 um 17.09.20

Try this link instead:

hello stantastic,

Thank you for your answer.
This is the explanation for the functionality (although very basic).
The problem is the installation, which is not running again.

Sorry – error in translation, maybe? It seemed like you had a problem trying to install the 6.6b2 version – sometimes when the application queries the Boinx servers it says there’s a newer version, but shows an error when trying to download it. You have to go to the link to download it manually from outside the application and install it on your own. Sorry this wasn’t the solution :frowning: