Installation of Fotomagico 4

I’m not sure what step I am missing. I bought a license for Fotomatico 4 and downloaded it to my Mac. Since it’s a zip file, when I click, it opens and runs Fotomagico. However, I get this Performance Issue message.

“The document you are trying to open resides on a volume which yields very bad performance. You should consider copying this document to your internal harddisk before opening it.” - Cancel or Open Anyway

It does run on my Mac, but how do I copy it to my internal hard disk or install it? I understand the drag and drop installation described on Boinx website, but I don’t have that option.


I am sorry that this message is a bit confusing. By “The document” FotoMagico refers to a project document previously opened, not to the application itself. We have a test routine in FotoMagico that checks wether you have your project document on an external drive (like an USB stick) and then warns the user to move the file to the hard disc because of performing issues. This routine seems to have a bug and we are working on a fix for it. However, since this is just a warning, you can ignore it for now.

I have Fotomagico 4 but there is no icon in my apps folder. I had version2 and when I uploaded 4, 2 still resided in the folder and was dominant. In order to use 4 I had to open it in my downloads folder. After many attempts to get rid of 2, I finally got to reinstall 4, however I still have no icon!

@unclebill: You may search for “FotoMagico 4” in your search tool “Spotlight” on the top right of your screen. Spotlight should be able to locate the FotoMagico 4 application. Once it does, hold down the “cmd” key and select the app in the found results with your mouse. The Finder should open a window containing the FotoMagico application with the app selected. You can now move this selected app to your “Applications” folder. Does this work for you?