Inserting Narration and Audio Markers

Hi. I’ve been fooling around with inserting narration and I’m having some issues. I did contact support about one of the issues. But I’m posting here about another issue:

I recorded some narration using the menu item: Insert–>Record Narration…

My issues are these:

1.) The recorded narration does not show an audio waveform.

2.) When I tried to change the duration of the slide with the narration (in the case of this example, the narration only spanned one slide, but I wanted to shorten the duration of that slide so the narration would extend to the next slide), I got an error saying “Slide Duration Cannot Be Changed” because the preceding slide is set to “Continue at Audio Marker” and that I can change the duration by dragging the red audio marker.

3.) Because recorded narration doesn’t display a waveform, there is no red marker to slide! I was therefore unable to change the duration of the slide containing the recorded narration.

Is there something I’m not understanding or doing wrong?

It seems to me that recorded narration should display as a waveform, just like all other audio.



Hi again. I deleted some files suggested by support and the problem is solved. I still don’t see an audio waveform but I do see the red audio markers.

Currently the narration don’t show a wave form, thanks for the feature request!