Insert my own video as a layer

Hi there

Is it possible to put a video I’ve made in place of the green screen when recording live?

I’m doing an event where people dance in front of the green screen and they can see themselves dancing along with the video on a screen in front of them.

Is this the right program for me?

Hi @Kenzo , thanks for your interest in mimoLive!

Certainly you can playback your video as a “bottom” layer and place the video source with the chroma keyer on top. If you want to do separate recordings for each of your guests I suggest that you setup the “Toggle Layer > Event: > Live on Show Start” option for the bottom movie playing layer. Also setup the “Show Length” in the document settings to the duration of your background video so that the recording stops when your background movie has finished. Now hit the “Start Show” button in the middle of the toolbar (instead of the “Movie Recording” button on the right) in order to record one video session at a time.

Plugin a secondary monitor to your Mac and use the “Full Screen”-playout feature to present the final mixed video to the actors. (Please note that this output currently can’t be mirrored so that the actors always moving to the “wrong” side because they need to see them selfs in a mirror. I will take this as a feature request!)

I hope this helps and we see a lot of funny videos on YouTube! :slight_smile:

Almost the same but an important need : to run the program “automatically” on startup of the computer (probably a Mac).
I mean, run the program, load a specific file and start the show.
It will be just to display on a video output, not a stream.

@Jmypons You can use the “Login Items” feature of MacOS to do so:

  • with mimoLive create a document that has the fullscreen playout enabled.
  • goto “Finder” menu, select “System Preferences” menu item. A new window with all your computer preferences will pop up
  • look for “Users & Groups” and select it, the window will change to the “Users & Groups” preference panel
  • if you need the computer completely reboot you may setup the “Automatic login” option in the “Login Options” at the bottom of the left column
  • then in the left column select your login name that will be used for logging in into the computer, you will get the setting for this account on the right side.
  • switch to “Login Items” at the top, this will show a table with the login item that get started when you log in
  • select the “+” button below the table, now you are prompted to select any file on your computer
  • choose the mimoLive document with the fullscreen playout you previously created

Done! The next time you log in into the computer this document will be started by the system automatically.

Many thanks, i will test this !