Insert a count-up timer in the corner

I have put a video I recorded on my iPhone in the corner on top of a full-screen slide show in Fotomagico.

Now I’m trying to find a way to put a video of a count-up timer in the corner of another actual video within Fotomagico.

Do I have to record a count-up timer with my iPhone 14?
Can I put an HTML to a Youtube video of a count-up timer in Fotomagico?
Can I D/L a count-up timer to put in?
Do I have to get Adobe Aftereffects (which I can’t Afford) to do it?

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Thanks for the feature suggestion.

Right now, you will have to find a count-up timer video as a stock video (or create it yourself) to put in.

I’ve added a suggestion in the feature requests to implement it as a text placeholder.

Can you let me know what format the count-up should have? Should it start at 0 or is it ok to have the current time displayed? Should it stop at some point? What should happen then?