Incomplete rendering of video in Fotomagico 5

I have a rather large slide show (850 slides, 8 -10 videos. I would like to burn this on a Blu-Ray disk so I “Share” as a DVD. I produces approximately a 17 GB file. Unfortunately, however, only about 4.5 seconds of a 10 sec video clip render and play. The audio continues but the video stops and does not resume until the next slide plays.

What is the reason for stalling of the video?

Should I “share” differently? Will the complete render be available on disk if I include all the files when burning?



Hard to tell from your description. This should really be investigated by support. Could you contact and send them the video clip in question, so we can test this in engineering?

P.S. If you want to burn your slideshow onto a Bluray disk, I suggest that you do not share it with the “DVD” options, but use either “Custom Video” or “ProRes Video” with a Full HD resolution. Of course, both will yield extremely large file sizes, so “Custom Video” with H264 compression might be a better choice, to keep export file sizes in check.

I did solve the problem which was related to mp4 videos. I converted them to mov format in iMovie and that did the trick. I tried burning with Custom Video but there was still some pixelation in the lettering. The DVD option looked good - what’s the problem with it?

Thanjs for the suggestion and help. I am trying ProRes - rendering time is long. In DVD format the resulting file was 17GB - hope this doesn’t bring it beyond the 25 GB limit of my disk.

Thanks again.