Import resolution of the images different

When importing images, icg wants to keep the images in the same resolution.
However, when I import images from Lightroom to FM 6.4, the images are always imported in low resolution and usually have a zoom of 130-200%.
When I import the same images from a folder on the desktop, the images are imported in the same original resolution and have a zoom of 80%.
This can not be. Where is the import preset?
who can help me
Best regards

There is a possibility that the problem is arising from Lightroom’s import preset settings, which could differ from the import settings you are employing when you import photos from your desktop. It is advisable to check your import preset settings in Lightroom to confirm that the resolution settings are accurate.

You can also attempt to import the images directly from your desktop folder to FM 6.4 instead of Lightroom. This will help you detect if any issue persists with the images. If the pictures import accurately from the desktop to FM 6.4, it’s safe to conclude that the problem arises from Lightroom settings.