immediate total crash !

Hi, well now it is getting hopeless:
when I try to make a slidshow ( I MAC still on yosemite) it is impossible to insert an image: result immediate crash ! I will have to stop experimenting as this is a serious show stopper.

Hi, JAKE05 – Frustrating, I know. Try this:

Download AppCleaner, run it, then follow the instructions (drag the FotoMagico application into the window). Clear out everything, then reinstall FotoMagico and try again. Since it’s the beta version we’re talking about, you’ll probably have to hunt down the e-mail containing the license agreement that Boinx sent to you when you first ran the beta version so you can install the license again. Obviously there’s a bigger issue going on – but that should get you up and running again (I think)…

HI STANNY, I did what you suggested and it works again. Before deleting I copied the file with the snippets I created myself, and when FM5 was installed, I created a new “bogus” snippet what created the 1000…snippets folder and pasted all my own snippets and they work. Upon leaving the app it crashed (again) but no Major crash as the app is working in its normal Beta status. Today and tomorrow there will be not much for testing

Was able to make an (small slideshow 10 images and added 2 audio files, exported as STANDALONE and as APPLE TV file it all worked. the saving gave a crashing problem.
But the fms was saved.
I will keep testing using Yosemite, am waiting till I m convinced that there are not that much problems caused by El-Capitan (I mean not only in FM5 )