images not scaled to stage when exporting to Youtube

On a standalone, the show looks fine, but when exported to Youtube, the images go beyond the “safe” area defined by dashes and is cropped on all sides by Youtube. My intent was for FotoMagico 4 Pro to scale the images to the proper size for playing on that platform.

Is there a hidden setting that I missed? Is there a setting (maybe it’s not hidden) that will fix this problem? Is this a bug?

If I can’t export for playing on social media sites, the product has little value for me.

Cropping usually happens if you are authoring your slideshow on a different aspect ratio than your destination. E.g. if your slideshow document has a 4:3 aspect ratio and YouTube is using 16:9 we are cropping your slideshow at the top and the bottom, so that the complete area is filled. You can change the aspect ratio of your slideshoe in the “Slideshow > Settings” menu.