Images importing out of order

I just upgraded to FotoMagico 4 from 3.8.
I used to be able to import an entire folder of images (150+) and they would import in sequence based on filename.

In Foto Magico 4 they are importing completely out of sequence.
Does anyone know how I can change this? I really don’t want to have to import every image individually.


FotoMagico 4 should import the images sorted by filename. How is your workflow when you import your images? What does the filenames look like?

Im having the same problem. My filenames are set up as follows cc-1, cc-2, cc-3 and so on all the way to 102. Im on a trial version here but if i cant get this to work ill need to look for something else.

I also have this problem… I make my slide shows in teh sequence of the the file names… and whereas it used to flow in automatically, they now flow in randomly, and there seems to be no preferences to correct this…Attached is a sample of my naming convention…

All our test works just fine. Do you guys use a special way of creating the images, the names form them, or importing the images? what is your workflow?

The same issue for me, for example files are name zoe-1.jpg, zoe-2.jpg and it still imports them very randomly, it never done that on the previous version, you guys need to figure this out as its a major issue when importing a large number of files :frowning:

@finn: Thanks for your report. We will have a look at it again.