Image zoom/pan for a jpeg

Is there an existing layer that can be used or adapted with animation where I can bringin a jpeg as a source, put it onscreen (“live”) and then trigger a zoom in to a portion of that image?



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My understanding is that you have a few options:
– You can create a placer layer to have your image displayed in fullscreen (that’s the standard option). Then duplicate the layer and, in the new layer configuration options, choose “Geometry” → “Show as:” → “Custom”. Then you can adjust zoom and positioning to show in detail the desired portion of your image.
– You can play around with the “Zoom To Window” layer options.
– You can play around with the “Magnifying Glass” layer options (this layer is a free add-on:

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Thanks. Could your first option work with a layer variant instead of a duplicate layer?

With ‘zoom to window’ can the animation be controlled? That layer also looks more like a picture-in-picture type of options, but I need to look at it some more.


If you’re using the Placer Layer option that Gustavo outlined, you can control the zoom value via a remote control surface using a slider controller.

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Thanks, @Oliver_Boinx, I will take a look at this.

You certainly can use a layer variant, sorry for not pointing that out!
The only issue is that, in both cases, you will still be limited to “cut” and “dissolve” in terms of transitions.
@Oliver_Boinx’s suggestion is great, but, if you choose the remote control slider, you will zoom in or out related to what is being displayed on the screen’s center (unless you set up a layer variant to change the X and Y positions beforehand).
Maybe it would be nice to think about a custom layer that does something similar to what the “Follow” layer does with faces… :thinking: