Image darker in Mimolive and stream output

I have an Atem TV studio mixer delivering an SDI signal in 1080p25 to a BM Ultra Studio 3D, which ich the video source for my stream in Mimolive. (Blackmagic Device Source) For some reason the image in Mimolive is much darker, and the stream also has more contrast, less details. Also the local ProRes422 recording is messed up.

All camera signals are 10bit SDI and look perfect on BM Multiview, Preview, PGM and AUX out.

The image in Mimolive looks like it’s 8 bit and has the wrong gamma. I there anything I can do about this? I already tried color correcting things in Mimolive, but it gets worse.

I’m on an iMacPro (latest Catalina, latest Blackmagic Video drivers).

Darker? thats a first, all ive seen in the past is a brighter more noisy image than what is seen the My Atem Displays. What version Mimolive are you using?

Well, the black level is lower and the image has more contrast. We do a show in a analog studio with very dimmed lights and open aperture… things get very grainy and the encoding has problems with dark images…

I am running the latest version 5.8

Any update on this? For my client it’s almost a show-stopper to run his streams with mimoLive, as they are very picky regarding the image quality.

Hi @Kurteee I’m sorry about the troubles. The issue is probably that mimoLive indeed only uses 8 bits. We hope we can support 10 bit when we replace Quartz Composer later this year.

I would expect the color correction filter to be able to help a bit, though. Can you post a screenshot showing how it gets worse?

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Hello Oliver! I tried using the color correction filter, but slight adjustments are impossible. I am looking forward to the 10-bit version! Jepeee! Maybe a simple gamma-correction filter would help. But it would need a slider for very fine adjustments.

I have a clip that shows the difference, you can download it here.

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Yes sir this is correct.

I call this the free white teeth effect, 'till the new engine for image processing is finished. I planned this in since I use mimoLive, so maybe I have to increase lights later this year! :hugs: