I'm Back and Glad to be here

Hello. It has been many months since I used FotoMagico and visited this forum. I’ve missed both. I need to brush up on the latest improvements and refresh my memory on just about all of it.

For now, I’m in a rush to produce a show that’s similar to one I created about two years ago. It’s still in my system. I was hoping I could copy the entire show and just replace the photos and videos with new images. I know, I’m being lazy, but I spent many, many hours on that show and would like to take advantage of it now, rather than starting over.

Thanks in advance.

I’m no expert, being new to FotoMagico; but I think you need to click on every photo in your original show and make it a Placeholder. You can then save it as a snippet, create you new show from that and then drag and drop your new photos over the old ones. This will preserve their format and all the animations and transitions.

Come to think of it, you might NOT have to create the Placeholders before saving the original slideshow as a Snippet. Maybe that will do it for you. Try it and see. Or check the manual.

Thank you so much Londinense. I appreciate your help. You’ve saved me many hours of work.

Seems like Londinense was able to give you the help you needed to solve your problem? If so, great. If not, here’s a bit more (although now it might be after the fact!)

Actually, you DON’T have to click on EVERY photo in your original show to make it a placeholder. First thing to do is make a COPY of the original file, just in case. Then in the copy, just SELECT all the images in your timeline. You can click and drag over all of them or just click somewhere in the timeline and do a Select All. Then do a RIGHT CLICK on one of the selected images and click on “Is Placeholder” and FM will (hopefully) make ALL of the images placeholder. I tried it on one of my large shows and it worked successfully on most of the images. It appeared to have a little problem with some slides that had MULTIPLE images on them – it worked on some, but not on others. Either way, that saves you a LOT of time from clicking on each one. You can always go through the show looking for the light gray dashed border and if it doesn’t appear, just right click and choose “Is Placeholder”. Once finished, save the show as a snippet and then reimport it (or if you want, just start dragging your new images onto your slides after you made them placeholders). Drag a new image onto an old one, it will highlight in an orange-ish yellow color, then release the mouse. Bingo. Done. Again – sorta. Some images may require some tweaking to get them the wa you want. Still, a lifesaver from starting from scratch.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Actually, I did try to save the snippet as Londinense suggested, but got the dreaded, colorful whirling wheel symbol. I tried it twice. It never took. It may be my old iMac acting up or Comcast not giving me the speed I pay for. So, I’m glad to find another alternative. I will give it a try.

I forgot how friendly and helpful the people on this forum are. You’re the best.