I'll pass on this product

Mousepose uses double the resources of my current mouse tool, myPoint, so I have to pass.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Since this is a complete rewrite of the app it may have some performance issues but we are constantly working on it to make it better!

I don’t see why this product requires a “subscription”. Is there some cloud service associated with Mousepose that would justify subscribing?

@Sixbillships Thank you for your interest in Mouseposé. Why would a cloud service justify a subscription?

@Sixbillships I guess you could say it comes with a cloud service and you’ve just used it.

@Sixbillships yeah I know it’s hip to loathe subscriptions, but from my experience as both a customer and someone in the software development industry, people like new features, support, updates to work with new operating systems and a paycheck to feed their families. Good software with solid support doesn’t come free & I wouldn’t expect them to do that for flagship products. As an example, It was an adjustment going from BoinxTV perpetual license to MimoLive subscription, but it has paid off because the team is able to constantly make changes, add features and fix issues. The old product sat for a very long time without changes. Seeing the progress I’ve seen over the last 3 years, no regrets subscribing to ML.

I really do understand your point. I’ve been a Mac user and shareware supporter for decades, but an app like this doesn’t warrant a subscription. My original point was that if there was some cloud service connected to using the app, a better argument could be made for a subscription, as ongoing support for that service would warrant funding.

I might suggest making Mouseposé optionally available to purchase outright, with limited support/updates, similar to the business model that Koingo uses.

I have been a licensed user since your beta and version 1 which i think is aprox 12 years ago or more. As Mac OS changed you created new version requiring additional purchases. But the bottom line is I dont want to pay for a product on an annual basis regardless if its subscription or forcing a new version annually. Its the same reason I dont upgrade every year in other products I own. I cant recommend the companies i worked for to support this new pricing model.

You have lost your minds trying to milk the consistent customers you have.