If you haven't bought Fotomagico 4, what price point would you buy at?

I’ve baulked at spending another $99 for the upgrade, but would buy at $49. I wonder how many others are thinking like me - or am I just being a skinflint? :slight_smile:

I’ll throw my $.02 in (wait, maybe that’s too much!!) Although the latest update to FM4 was priced at $99, I still got it (albeit as a “beta tester” for a little less). IF (emphasis on IF) you find the app useful and you use it and you like it and you’re inclined to find all the new stuff worth it (especially LAYERS! – and the new upcoming “masking” (we hope!)), and you’re willing to put up with the TYPICAL update problems, bugs, ‘features’, etc that plague EVERY update on almost EVERY app, then I’d say the price is worth it. Would I have bought it at $49? Of course! But, I’ll bet that if the price had been originally set at $49 for the upgrade, there would have been people that said THAT price was too much – why not $29? And if it had been $29, why not $19?

Every time Adobe introduces a new version of Adobe Creative Suite, the price is something like $599 (for students!) – over $1000 for just your typical “user”!! Ouch!!

I have a Garmin GPS unit that is probably ready for last rites :frowning: I bought maps for it at roughly $100 some years ago – those are maps on a DVD and are tied in to my unit with a serial number. Garmin’s policy is if I purchase ANOTHER handheld unit and want the exact same maps on it, I have to RE-purchase the exact same set of map data. Another $100!! If I were to buy TWO Garmin units and wanted the same maps on both, I’d have to buy TWO sets of map data – $200!! They don’t allow moving the license from one handheld to another. Sounds like highway robbery to me! Garmin won’t budge on their policy – they point fingers at their map suppliers, and their map suppliers point fingers at Garmin.

At least, if you had TWO computers (say one at work and one at home) and you wanted to install FotoMagico 4 on both of them, you could!! Buy it ONCE, install it TWICE.

I’m babbling, but you get the drift – I hope!

Where do you draw the line when it comes to pricing? How do you enforce those EULA’s?

With a cost of $99 for the upgrade, some people are going to say it’s worth every penny, and others will say the price is too high. Unless Boinx GIVES away the software for free, at least ONE user is going to complain about something. I think it’s inherent in human nature…

…okay, off my soapbox!