Ideas for transitions

One of the most requested features is “more transitions”.

Since we focus on highest possible quality and still the transition has to render in real time regardless of the resolution of the images, it is pretty difficult to just make “more transitions”.

FotoMagico 6.1 will have two new transitions that have been requested in this forum. What those are is going to be a surprise for now.

But: We would like to get your requests about what transitions you would like to use. If you can, add a video to your description, that always makes it easier to understand.

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Split and stitch images like in Apple’s auto-generated reviews.

Hi @willyman Thanks for the suggestion. Can you be please be more specific which reviews you mean? On the iPhone?

Hi Oliver,
yes, in the automatically generated reviews of Photos on iPod/iPhone, split images appear from different directions and are merged/stitched into a single image.

Zoom in or out with smooth curves