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I love, love, love the mimoLive Reporter. We’re planning on using it at two major tech shows in the coming months and think it’ll turn out great.

However… ever single beta (IOs Testflight) has had the same issue which I implore you to investigate pre-release.

On any iphone we’ve experimented with (5, 6, 6s, 7) it has depleted the battery in under 20 minutes and caused the phones to run hot (I wouldn’t say overheat - but I’d say very toasty).

I know it’s still beta - but just throwing it out to the community to see if others are finding the same.

@MrAndrewMcLean I suspect you are using mimoCall as a streaming destination. mimoCall internally uses WebRTC which currently relies on a software codec called VP8. Since it is implemented in software - opposed to H264 which runs very efficiently on hardware and is used for RTMP streaming - it burns a lot of CPU cycles, causing heat, and therefore also battery.

Please try to enable the Low Power Mode on your devices and see if that helps. Apple does not mention it in the support docs but enabling this option also downclocks the CPU. This measure might seem counterproductive but in our tests it helped with the overheating and might also save you some battery.

I’d be happy to hear back from you if this helped.