I want to add a title to a 45-second video, but I don't want the title to last 45 seconds!

If I shorten the duration of the slide, it shortens the video also! How do I accomplish this??

If you add a title to a slide, it’s just another layer. So, in the Timeline view, select the layer that contains that title, then go to the right hand side subsection labeled “Layer” and click the little drop-down arrow to see the different options. Move the Visibility sliders as needed to adjust the fade-in and fade-out points. If the two left hand arrows are aligned, the title will just appear on screen instantaneously. If you adjust the spacing between the two, then the title will fade in instead. The same applies to the right hand sliders for fade out.

Thanks! I had tried messing with those controls before but they weren’t doing what I expected, because I wasn’t using them correctly.