I still want to ask again about adding "input streaming video source"

Dear developers:
Sorry, I still want to ask again about adding “input streaming video source”. For work reasons, I often need to stream or record streaming media addresses such as RTMP, M3U8, MMS, and RTSP as video sources. This feature is available in most live broadcast software on the market, such as OBS, WireCast, and more. mimoLive is one of the greatest live broadcast software I think so far, and I think it should have this feature! I hope that this can be considered for joining. Because the siphon can’t add audio, NDI doesn’t think it’s very easy to use, so please!

@科技小白堂 Thank you for your kind words about mimoLive and for reaching out with your feature request. We are always exploring new ways to add video sources to mimoLive and the protocols you have mentioned a certainly candidates for future adoption.

any news about this helpful feature?
Thank You.

I’m gonna add a +1 to this request. I’d love to be able to capture m3u8 sources. I thought I might be able to get it via a Web Browser source, as that does load the video, however the video itself doesn’t show up in the canvas… only the UI shows up!

Here’s the URL if anyone cares to try it.

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