I have no Export key under File in ForoMagico 5 Pro

Two major problems
(1) I can’t save the file I have created because it loses the photo links. I have relinked them a dozen times, but still no goo, I put all of the critical files in one folder, the jpegs, the audio track and finally what I saved from the file I was making. I am using a Mac with High Sierra.
(2) There is not Export key under File so I could possibly save the package to a movie format. It is simply not there.

Sorry for the trouble!

1a) Are you running the latest FotoMagico release? You can check for it here: https://boinx.com/connect/fotomagico/versionhistory/

1b) Were do you store the FotoMagico project file? Is it on the same disk as the images?

  1. To export a slideshow to a movie file you need to click on the “Share” menu and click on any of the video formats. However this export is not reversible.