I have burnt a DVD. The music is no longer in sync with the images. Why?

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>I have burnt a DVD. The music is no longer in sync with the images. Why?</strong>
           <p>A live presentation has to make sure of prerequisites which aren't necessary when exporting to DVD. In brief and without getting too technical, in a live scenario we'll have to make sure the image has been loaded entirely and is ready for display on screen or beamer. So we may have to </p>
           <p><a href="http://boinx.com/knowledge/fotomagico/export-issues/WS01488">Read the full story here</a></p>
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how can I know what to fix when I see the attention sign (I have quite a few of those in my slideshow and it won’t export…)? There seems to be no info at all as to what to do!

Click it.

After I created my Fotomagico slideshow I attempted to burn it to a DVD. IDVD was selected and failed to burn and it also changed the music and themes. It appears that Mac does not support IDVD anymore and it is useless? What new software do I need to simply burn the Fotomagico slideshow onto a DVD disc?

I just updated my app to FotoMagico 5.5.3 and regarding this answer (9 years later at today), I’d like to know (without being so technical…) What to do.

I don’t really understand when you refer to a “Live presentation” and a DVD issue. So, a DVD (traditional DVD authoring) is use for a live presentation, right? Live presentation I understand like a “PLAYING” this DVD either on a computer or a DVD player and maybe projected through a projector to a big theater or just on the TV of my living room.

I don’t fully understand what kind of setting we have to do with the *fm project before exporting.

Well, I use to first, export to *mov, and then, from *mov to mpeg2… etc. Sp, I keep the MOV like a Master for after encodings to mp4, youtube settings, iPhone, whatever.

What is your recommendation? Thank U.