I am frustrated!

I am pretty frustrated!
I bought both boinxTV Home and Istop Motion a while ago and was using my webcam, and it was working fine. Then I tried to make some bigger projects on Istopmotion and tried all still cameras I got and none worked, also the webcams I got weren’t recognized, just the isight camera.
Yesterday I spent 100 euros buying a new camera (Rollei Movieline SD-40) and went happy home to try it with either boinxTV or istopmotion, and was surprised it didn’t worked. Trying to search for some information in the forum, the information I got is that the new cheap cameras doesn’t have a live video output, and I think this is the problem of my camera. Reading the forum I read something about a HDMI adapter, but I don’t know if it will work if I connect my camera instead of using the USB cable, using the HDMI one together with an adapter.
I am getting really frustrated, because everywhere I read about animation softwares, the istopmotion is on the top of the list and usually it is written that all video cameras should work, and the one I bought is probably not going to be supported.

Well, my question is: if I connect my camera using a HDMI adapter, will the software recognize it, or I just spent money on something that is going to be worthless?
thanks in advice.


the problem with the new camcorders is, that they don’t provide an live video output via USB port. A lot of cameras used to have a firewire port to output the image, but this has changed over time. Your camera seems to have an HDMI output to connect it directly to a TV set. Does this HDMI output also do “live” output, or just the playback from tape? If the cam does a live output via the HDMI port, it is most certain that you can use it with a 3rd party HDMI capture card. We use the products from Matrox and they work very well with BoinxTV and iStopMotion:


Danke Achim!

Well, I am not really an expert about cameras, but when I connect it to my HD-TV using the HDMI cable, it shows the camera image like a webcam.
I was checking and found a webcam that seens to work with the istopmotion, it has not the quality I was looking for, but at least I don’t need to move my macbook the whole time while doing some little movies.

Danke für das schnell Antwort.