HowTo: Use the Tilt Shift Filter - iStopMotion

I wrote months and months on this one sentencde. Luckily I am a studied journalist, as you pointed out, otherwise the sentence of the post would have been something similar to "glar fnarbang"

Can you add the tilt shift to images you've imported? Like a stop motion we've captured on a digital camera and imported?


It interested me, whether tilt shift can be applied to imported images. I use a GoPro Hero 3 black. I want to import the photos and then edit. Currently I only see options for change in the recording. This is a shame, and bring me anything.

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@witti99: The tilt shift filter is applied in non reversible way. If you would like to apply the filter to your GoPro photos, you have to setup the filter in advanced, switch it on and then import your images. The filter will be applied to your images while importing.

thank you. I will test it. I have now risen Final Cut Pro. I think for this to be possible. ISTOP motion can indeed pass the film on Final Cut Pro.