How to Use MimoReporter in A Landscape View

I would like to be able to have the camera in Landscape view " not portrait " and have it come into mimolive so we can broadcast out and record in normal screen view 720p or 1080p

I would also like to see a landscape view/camera feed from mimoLive Reporter.

When I have multiple guests who are calling from a laptop where the feeds are widescreen, it is very difficult to mix in a vertical camera feed.

I currently use Split Screen layer and there is no way to adjust which part of the camera feed is shown…it just uses the middle of the frame, so mimoLive Reporter makes this especially challenging.

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I found out how, put/hold your phone in landscape mode then launch reporter and then it stays in landscape. So its important to hold the phone or put the phone in the desired viewing position, then launch mimoreporter :slight_smile:

Yep, I also just figured it out.

You must turn your phone to the orientation you want it to be before starting/joining the mimoCall session (you don’t need to be out of the app).

It is actually smart that it doesn’t let you change the orientation while live, because that would be disastrous while on the air.

Nice job with this mimoTeam!