How to trim video?

Is there any easy way to trim video in FotoMagico 4.6.6? I clunkily was able to trim time off the end by changing the duration to less total seconds…but how to I trim video off the beginning of the clip?


Hi, ramz5 – load your video into the timeline and select it by clicking on it. Then choose “Options” (the right-most tab on the toolbar). In the “Movie” section you should see (among other things) Range, Visibility, and Animation. You can drag the sliders at the beginning and end of each of those to control when you want to start the movie, when you want to end it, if you want to fade the movie in or out at the beginning or end, or if you want to control the animation of the movie across the stage (assuming you have it enabled). In your case, trying to trim the beginning, just use the Range slider. Hope that helps…