How to set zoom on my Canon G10

I am new to istopmotion and to stop motion in general, so I hope you bare with me and if my question is obvious, please direct me to where I can find the answer.
I have successfully connected my Canon G10 to the demo version of istopmotion. I can capture stills, and also do a timelapse. What I cannot find how to do, is to change any settings on the camera, such as aperture or zoom. It does seems to shoot in automatic mode, with the camera going in sleep mode between shots. Is this normal behaviour or is there a way to choose these settings ?
Thank you in advance


you need to set up these settings in the camer. iStopMotion doesn’t have any control over these settings

Thanks Bastian for the reply.
I tried to do so, but as the camera goes automatically to sleep between shots, it does not keep the settings, it always goes back to the same zoom factor. Is there something I can do to avoid this behaviour ?