How to play a long video from the last third?

I’m new to fotomagico. So far, I’ve been working with Photodex Proshow Producer 6. I noticed that in fotomagico it is not possible to play for example a video of 80 seconds only from the last third. This would be very useful if, for example, I change the transition and want to see the result. Now I always have to watch the whole video and it takes time. Is there a possibility or do I have overlooked a setting. The cursor spins either right or left of the slide as if something were magnetic.
Thank you

Place your video on the timeline, then make sure you have it selected (it will halite in blue). On the right of your working window, click on the Options section (last one on the right), then in the Movie subsection above, you should see the Range adjustment. Just drag the left-hand marker to the right visually, or if you know the exact time you want to begin, click on the little up-down arrows to the right, choose Finetune In Point, and enter the time in the edit box. You can also use the scrub wheel below that to make the adjustment as well. Hope that helps.

Thank you, it works. But it would be much better to move the cursor to any location and start it from there. For example, in Final Cut Pro or Proshow Producer.

Because FotoMagico is build for live presentations it will do smooth transitions to the next slide you selected while in playback mode. This will help to have an undisturbed experience for your audience if you jump between slides. Thats why it isn’t possible to scrub with the playhead in the timeline while in playback mode.

@stantastic 's solution is the usual way to crop a video from the beginning or end to select a certain portion of a movie for playback. Its a good workaround to check on the transition of a long movie but you will need to remove the cropping after you are done with the transition.