How to Match Slide Duration to Audio length?

Hi, I’ve got 48 slides and a song that is 3:33 long.
I would like the 48 slides to match up with the song so that the 48 photos/slides last for 3.33. When I import the 48 slides and the song, the last 5 slides are ‘outside’ of the song. So I select “ALL” go to SLIDESHOW > MATCH > SLIDE DURATIONS TO AUDIO and all that happens is the the last 5 slides become ‘unselected’. The slides do not match, the durations are the same, and the song finishes and the presentation plods on with the last 5 slides with no audio. I can’t for the life of me figure this out. Please can someone give me step by step instructions for how to match my slides to the length of the song. Just to clarify, the song is NOT too long, it’s TOO SHORT. so it’s not a case of 'dragging back the song". I want to change the slide durations to match the song (NOT the song to match the slides)
I’m hoping that I’ll laugh when I’m explained how simple this is to do. Thanks for your help.

From what you described as what you’re doing, it should work. It always “seemed” to work for me, but I just discovered something. If I do a CMD-A (select “All”) to select all the slides and all the audio, then do a Match Slide Durations to Audio, it seems to do what you said – it does lengthen the slide durations, but it didn’t spread them out until the end of the track as would be expected.

So, I tried this (and I know it sounds stupid, but give it a try). Select ONLY the slides (DON’T use CMD-A or you’ll select the audio as well). Just drag over them to select them. Now, holding down the Shift key (to keep the slides selected), select the audio track by itself. So it “looks” just like what a CMD-A should be (that is, everything is selected). And NOW, try doing the Match Slide Durations to Audio. IT WORKED!!

Just had the same issue today and the bug appears to still evident in the latest version. When is this likely to be corrected, please?