How to make Screen Saver in Fotomagico 5?

I want to make a FotoMagico 5 Screen Saver to play on a screen in my studio, but it seems that i can’t share my slidshow to a screen saver…Whar do I do wrong???

I think there are third party apps that will let you use movies as a screensaver. So you would need to save your slideshow to one of the movie formats.

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FotoMagico 5 doesn’t offer export of Screen Saver due to complications with Apple’s security architecture which doesn’t allow apps to write out other apps properly signed.

You can, however, export the slideshow as a video and use the SaveHollywood screen saver to play it.

Thanks for your replies!
I think that I used fotomagico 4 to make the previous screen saver…
And it works perfect on my mac mini OS 10.6.8 that i use only to show the screen saver on my display in the studio!
Can I download an older version of fotoMagico that can export Screen saver ?

You can download older version of FotoMagico from

Please note that FotoMagico 4 does not work on recent macOS versions.