How to make a motion with a car / plane

Just want a tuto to show a path of a car / plane on a map.
Thank you

First off, Fotomagico can’t handle “curved” movement, only straight lines from Point A to Point B. You didn’t specify if that is what you needed, so just clearing that up. Second, you need to have a .png file of your car/plane – a .png file remembers TRANSPARENCY, and that’s what’s needed to have the car/plane float across a background layer. And you’ll have to do that in a 3rd-party app, like Photoshop. Create a new document in Photoshop with a TRANSPARENT background, place the car/plane on top of it, then using PS’s editing and selection tools, erase EVERYTHING around the car/plane’s edges. Zoom in for detailed work. When all you have left is the car/plane, save the file out of Photoshop as a .png file, then place that file into Fotomagico on top of your map layer. You can scale the car/plane layer as needed, and ANIMATE that slide. Place the car/plane at the start and finish, and when you play the slide it will appear to float above the map along the path you chose.

Does that help?

Many thanks. It helps but I have to try👍

You could also use a map generator like or others and import the animation as a video-file.

Whoa!! Thanks for pointing out that website, Oliver! I didn’t know that existed. I’ve bookmarked it for a later time – and perhaps for using in an upcoming slideshow :slight_smile: