How to Layer/Mix and Match


First day using the software. I’m trying to use the feature which allows multiple photos in a single frame. I’ve tried playing around in the application, searching online and these forums for a simple how to and am coming up empty. Can anyone help?

To be more clear I am able to drop multiple photos into the single frame. But when I press play it only plays one image or the other. I can’t figure out how to make it show multiple images in one frame.

I find - fade in / fade out sometimes stops multiple images from showing.
Now my animation has stopped working.
Features seem to start and then stop working for unknown reasons but sometimes I do stumble across the answer half an hour later.
If only there was a comprehensive help menu!

@xoxoxtc: do you see the multiple images in the editor screen before starting the show? Could it be a layering problem? that one image is hidden behind the other?

@kiwiph: Are your findings reproducible? If so, can you give us a step by step instructions how to create the misbehavior?

If you drop two photos of the exact same size into a frame at the same time, only one will “appear” to show up – the one on the top layer. Click on the photo that you see and drag it out of the way. The photo underneath should reveal itself.

You can also click on one of the photos down in the timeline and select Edit > Lock Layer Selection. Click on the “other” photo and it should be selected in the layout window (its corners will be highlighted). Click and drag and the photo should move so you can see it. Now you should be able to treat each photo independently – move it where you want to, size it, rotate it, etc. If you want to animate one, or the other, or both, go to the Options menu and in the Slide sub-section, check the Animation: Enabled option. Now you’ll see both the Start and Finish for that frame. Adjust your photos accordingly, then play it.

Trust me – it works :slight_smile: I have a slide show of 450+ photos, with transitions, pans, zooms, and rotations, multiple slides per frame (up to 3 that slide in), multiple text blocks, etc.

Good luck :slight_smile: